A GYROKINESIS® class is taught in a small group setting. Students are directed through a series of spinal motions that mobilize the spine through arching, curling, twisting, and spiraling movements. Each class contains over 100 specific movements designed to release the joints of the spine, arms, and legs. Holding brief postures designed to create a fluid connection between poses creates an invigorating and toning flow. GYROKINESIS® movements are performed sitting on a stool, laying on a mat, and standing. Incorporating the flowing principles of yoga, dance, swimming, and tai chi, GYROKINESIS® is described as “yoga in motion.”

By moving joints through a full range of rhythmic and flowing motions in relation to the breath, spine and joint mobility can increase and blood and lymphatic circulation can regulate. Through practice, body awareness and coordination will improve, the body will become revitalized, and tension softens. Besides the physiological benefits, GYROKINESIS® is fun and feels great!

Ginger Clickner

$30/30min- privates

$15/45 min-group class