Ginger Clickner


Ginger Clickner has enjoyed a life long study of movement. Starting in her earliest years, she often accompanied her mom to movement classes, such as Pilates and ballet. There she spent a lot of time both playing on the machines and watching quietly until eventually, she could join the classes. She studied dance at the New Paltz School of Ballet and later joined the Vanaver Caravan Youth Company, as well as taking Pilates classes. After finding Gyrotonic®, she knew she wanted to join her families business as a Gyrotonic® instructer and third generation female health practitioner. She has studied with amazing Master trainers: Juergen Bamberger, Paola Rostango-Lasky, Cory Doetzer, Emily Smith, and Sebastian Plettenberg. When she is not teaching Ginger enjoys taking Pilates, Barre and creative Gyrotonic® classes, as well as hiking, swimming,badminton, gardening, knitting, cooking, playing music, and spending time with loved ones.                                                                   

Ginger Clickner is a Certified Gyrotonic® and Leg extension unit instructor and Gyrokinesis® instructor apprentice: completing her foundation trainings in 2015. She has also completed Specialized Gyrotonic® courses for Dancers Levels 1 and 2 and Archway.

Hours: .
Flexible scheduling for private and duet sessions.


Gyrotonic® Private $60/55min. or $4o/30min.
Gyrotonic® Duet $40/55min.          

 Gyrotonic® Leg extension unit private $50/45min

Gyrokinesis®private $40/55min
Gyrokinesis® Group $15/55min.

Class package deals:                                                                                                                          (All deals apply only to private classes)                                                              Gyrotonic®10 class $575                                                                                           Gyrotonic®5 class $315                                                                                       Gyrokinesis®10 classes $375                                                                                Gyrokinesis® 5 class $175

To inquire about scheduling an appointment, updates on group classes, or any other questions, please call or text Ginger Clickner at:        (845)648-7978

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